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Iron Sharpens Iron

Join the re-emerging world of robust masculinity; engage in cohorts with other men, learn from their quests and failures, strengthen your resolve to restore honor and beauty to masculinity; know you are not alone.


Together, we will build the creative excellence needed to confront the challenges men face today.

This Is a Space for Committed Men

In a time of overt disconnection, confusing intimate relationships, unfulfilling work, lackluster hearts, and global uncertainty, our world is lacking the wisdom of men who gather.


We at Promethean aim to re-establish the campfire of old, to share wisdom, and to strengthen each other. This is not a therapy group, this is a men’s group.


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Discussion Topics Include:

  • Relationship to Men & Women

  • Finances

  • Assertiveness & Boundaries

  • Fatherhood

  • Mental Acuity

  • Creativity

  • Self Care and Health

  • Relationship to Parents

  • Sexuality

  • Emotional Competency

  • Vocation

  • Spirituality

The Essential Agreements

Agreement #1

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Take Full Responsibility:


For your actions, your process, and your benefits: This is your group, experienced from your seat of perception.


You are responsible for getting what you want out of men’s group.


This means bringing your masculinity, its truths, challenging yourself, and other members, to grow past perceived limitations.

Agreement #2

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Tell The Truth:


Tell the Truth: Speak your personal truth. Lying leads to great divides, both within ourselves and with others. Getting closer to your personal truth frees yourself as well as others.


Let others know what is happening for you, before pointing out what you imagine might be true for another.

Agreement #3

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What is said in Group is completely confidential.


 Enough said.


“[Most of] our dads weren’t there for us. [Even if they were] We were predominantly raised by women, and we can’t learn manhood from women, so we have to learn about manhood from each other.”

- Bill Kauth, author of a Circle of Men

 “We need to learn to love and be loved by the mature masculine.


We need to learn to celebrate authentic male power and potency, not only for the sake of our own personal well–being as men and for our relationship with others, but also because the crisis in mature masculinity feeds the global crisis of survival we face as a species.”

- Robert Moore and Douglass Gillette, Authors of King, Warrior, Magician, Lover

“We need same sex friends because there are types of validation and acceptance that we receive only from our gender-mates.


There is much about our experience as men that can only be shared with, and understood by, other men.


There are stories we can tell only to those who have wrestled in the dark with the same demons and been wounded by the same angels.


Only men understand the secret fear that go with the territory of masculinity.”

-Sam Keen, Author of Fire in the Belly

“When you do meet with men, then meet with men.

Don’t have a woman near the meeting space, no matter how much positive regard or relatedness she shares with you. Men’s-lodge space is private, sacred space.

Since the dawn of time men in every culture have met alone and in secret to approach their gods and find their collective magic. Every little boy knows this instinctively.”

- Aaron R. Kipnis, PhD, author of Knights Without Armor

 “The real accomplishment (in life) is the art of becoming a warrior, which is the only way to balance the terror of being a man with the wonder of being a man.”

- Carlos Castaneda 

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